One Year Anniversary

The Automatic Garden Blog now marks its one year anniversary.   I would like to thank those who take the time to view the blog and most of all those who follow it.


A year has passed since my first post last spring.  Now nature is repeating another cycle with trees and perennial plants continuing after a winter’s rest. Annuals are renewing, having germinated their seeds.  Birds are migrating and heading to their northern nesting grounds, while the Gulf Coast native birds, have already built their nests and their babies are hatching.  The Monarch Butterflies have returned, laid their eggs, their caterpillars are growing  and will soon make their chrysalis.  It is the beginning of another year in nature.


There were many reasons to start the blog.  The personal ones were to have a venue for the plant and flower pictures I love to take.  The blog also forces me to be more critical of my photography and writing. Both which are still a work in progress.

I also wanted to share some lessons learned on making gardening less work intensive and less expensive.  I think this method can appeal to the young just starting out and those among us ready to slow down.



The Real Gluten Free Food part of my blog was meant to help those newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  It can be a confusing and difficult time trying to find the correct food to eat.  I found that most Gluten Free recipes do not appeal to me or to my family and have spent many years searching out recipes that “just happen” to be Gluten Free and  pleases everyone. The recipes  have ingredients that can be easily found in most grocery stores.  I have tried to put up a variety of meals that can keep new Celiacs eating while they figure things out.

2 Comments on “One Year Anniversary”

  1. lyrian says:

    I love love love your flower pix!

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