If I Could Have Only One Tree…


It would be the Weeping Bottle Brush (Callistemon viminalis).


In the spring it is loaded with luscious red brush-like flowers.


It will lightly bloom again in the fall.


Bees love it.


It blooms just in time for the hummingbird migration.  The tree buzzes with hummingbirds and even though there seems to be enough for all, the little birds spar with each providing exciting entertainment.


The Weeping Bottle Brush is evergreen and provides shelter year-round for birds.

7 Comments on “If I Could Have Only One Tree…”

  1. Karen says:

    I used to live in Florida and love bottle brush.

  2. Holleygarden says:

    Wow! That last photo is amazing! I don’t think this plant is hardy in my area. 😦 Too bad – what a gorgeous tree!

  3. Remember how the hummers used to chase each other in & out of these trees in L.A.–thanks for the fun memory!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great pictures

  5. A pretty tree. As colourful as a Christmas tree — in April.

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