Cheapskate or Recycling Hero?

It was a secret that I kept hidden for years.  My penchant for reusing things.  It was somewhat embarrassing that I was so cheap!  Now as it turns out, I have been way ahead of my time and I am a bonafided recycler.  Here are some of my cheapskate recycler ideas.  I hope you too can find a use for things that would otherwise be thrown away.


A pudding container makes a excellent scoop.


Packing peanuts can be used as filler at the bottom of a pot.


Lids from delivery food containers can be used as saucers.


All sizes of containers can be used for seed collection and storage.


Some seeds need containers with lids.


Plant labels that are blank on the back can be reused.  Pencil works best and can be erased.

2 Comments on “Cheapskate or Recycling Hero?”

  1. gaiainaction says:

    Great thinking! I too do the same, and enjoy doing it actually, being more and more inventive to re-use everything and anything 🙂 It is with great frustration that I see here in this beautiful country the amount of plastic blags that are still used for so many things in shops and markets, I’ve kept them all and am reusing them even on holiday. I know that soon the Maltese people will realise too the need to stop using plastic bags like they realised in Ireland only some years ago. Well done to you though, great read!

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