Azaleas herald the beginning of spring on the Gulf Coast, blooming in their full glory as early as the second week of March.


They will grow into large mounding shrubs if lightly pruned. Azaleas are in the Rhododendron genus and the most popular for this area are the Indicas.


Encore azaleas bloom on and off all year long.


Azaleas come in many colors and the Automatic Garden has about 25 individual shrubs.  Azaleas love the acid soil in garden, courtesy of the many Loplolly Pines.


Lighter colored azaleas show off their “leopard” prints.  A favorite spring pastime in this area is going on one of the Azalea Trails.

14 Comments on “Azaleas”

  1. Holleygarden says:

    I just adore azaleas. Your garden must be glorious with 25 shrubs full of these beautiful bloomers!

    • 25 shrubs?! You should post pictures of all of them together :). Azalea season is in full swing here in Houston, too. Gardens are chock-full of them in all colors. My local nursery hosts an “Azalea Walk” every spring to admire them around the neighborhood.

      • I love this time of year in the Houston area. You may want to check out Mercer Arboretum this weekend for their big plant sale on Friday and Saturday. Check it out on their website.

  2. Gosh these are stunning. I wonder how many years it takes them to grown that big?

  3. Ah, Azaleas, do you like the Encores?

  4. I like the nickname of leopard prints! Congratulations on your number one post.

  5. Ann Coleman says:

    Those are beautiful! Azaleas grow in our area, but they don’t always thrive as sometimes the winters are too harsh or we get a late spring frost before they are done blooming. But they are my favorite flowering bush! Thanks for sharing!

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