Crazy About John

John Bartram, that is.  Bartram (1699-1777) is the first American-born plant hunter and was described by Linnaeus as the greatest natural botanist.  He collected plants from Canada to Florida and sent many to England and Europe.  His nursery was located outside of Philadelphia and he was friends with Benjamin Franklin.  His home is open for visitors.

The book “The Life and Travels of John Bartram”  by Berkeley & Berkeley is excellent for plant, as well as, history lovers.  Be sure to pull out a map as you read to follow John Bartram’s on his adventures.



The book “The Bedside Book of the Garden” , a collection of writings on all things gardening,  by an Englishman was my first introduction to John Bartram.  The discovery set me on my quest to learn more and visit his home, Bartram Gardens.  Yup, crazy about John Bartram.

2 Comments on “Crazy About John”

  1. Holleygarden says:

    The plant hunters of that time just amaze me with all they sometimes went through just to find a new plant. I can imagine that ‘The Life and Travels of John Bertram’ would be a very interesting read. Although, ‘The Bedside Book of the Garden’ sounds wonderful, too! Thanks for bringing these books to my attention!

  2. I’ve visited the Bartram home and garden. He is an inspiration, even today!

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