Winter White


Paperwhite (Narcissus tazetta)     A reliable bloomer.


Snowdrops (galanthus)    These grow Texas tall at over 20 inches.


Pirate’s Pearl (Bidens humilis)    Sold as an annual, but it still keeps going.


Penta (Rubiaceae lanceolata)    This year’s winter was warm enough to keep it blooming.


Salvia     This variety has been in the garden for many years. It is root hardy and reseeds.


Oxalis    This was purchased in a grocery store 15 years ago and was sold as a “shamrock”.


Rose (Ducher)    An antique variety that likes to bloom in the winter.


The Automatic Garden has had many plants blooming during this mild winter, which have kept the Rufous Hummingbirds happy.  Quite a few of the white flowers are currently blooming.  All have been in the garden for many years with the exception of of the Pirate’s Pearl which was added late last summer and has exceeded expectations.

4 Comments on “Winter White”

  1. Holleygarden says:

    Wow! Salvias and roses blooming already! Love all your winter whites. Not even my paperwhites are blooming right now!

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