A Walk About


American White Pelican


A shore bird that could be a plover or sandpiper.


Great Egret


A Cormorant


Male and female Mallards


Great Blue Heron


Things are a little slow in the garden this time of year, so it was time to see what the neighbors were up to.  The lake had some amazing reflections and colors on it, that were contrasted by a White Pelican floating alone near the shore.   Pelicans are often seen in flight over the garden.  They fly in a group and soar in lazy circles to gain altitude.

Egrets are very common on all of the waterways and bayous and will pose nicely for photos.

The Cormorant was enjoying the day floating by cypress knees in a lake inlet.

There was some “love in the air” with Mallards paired up and the Heron was seen transporting nesting material.

All in all,  it was a very good walk.

2 Comments on “A Walk About”

  1. Holleygarden says:

    What a beautiful place to walk! Love the heron and egret. Those blue herons are always so skittish – you got a great picture!

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