Silent Scream


This little fellow lives in the potted  plant and was frighten when the plant was watered.  Being returned to his home was not a very pleasant experience for him and he opened his mouth in what looked like a scream, but not a sound came out.  This anole’s photo was snapped quickly with a cell phone  (that was not well focused) to made a fun picture.

4 Comments on “Silent Scream”

  1. eileensaunders says:

    Have you ever let an anole “bite” your finger? It’s not really a bite at all; they just grab the end of your finger in their little mouth. It feels kind weird but neat at the same time. A bunch of neighborhood kids coaxed me into this one day. It’s good for laughs with kids.

  2. That is great. I accidentally ran one through the washer last week Not good, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I pulled the quilt out of the washer, the 2 greyhounds came running into the laundry room to see what happened and there we all were jammed in the laundry room looking at the unfortunate lizard.

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