More Regrets

Regret Number Two:  Plants that grow so well they become invasive.

Katie’s ruellia (Ruellia brittoniana).  This beautiful little bloomer was not planted in its current location.  It reseeds and grows long tuber-like roots that can withstand herbicide.  It multiplied and grew in these rocks along the edge of  a bed that is about twenty feet long.

Variegated Vinca Vine.  It caught a ride with another plant and really took off in its new home.
There is about four times more of it than is seen in this photograph.

Agave.  A wonderful grower that sends out pups.  All is fine until it needs thinned.  The plant is covered in thorns!

Wedelia trilobata.  There is no way to get rid of it.  Peace must be made.

Sword Fern (Nephrolepis cordifolia).  This started out as two little ferns that just stayed the same for a couple of  years and then it took off!   Now it has it be pulled out several times a year to keep it in its place.

Arrowhead houseplant.  Who knew a house plant could freeze and come back better than ever?

Wild Ageratum (Eupatorium coelestinum).  An incredible bloomer  that planted itself right on the edge of a garden bed  to perfectly cascade over the rocks. Who could say no to that?  The plant attracts butterflies, but its a prolific reseeder that causes extra work keeping it under control.


There is nothing more wonderful in an Automatic Garden than plants that reproduce filling in empty spaces and always providing next year’s plants.  Sometimes in the quest to find the strongest and hardiest plants, mistakes are made.  One cute little plant can sometimes become a monster that cannot be controlled.

2 Comments on “More Regrets”

  1. Chloris says:

    And it varies round the world. One man’ s weed is another man’ s pampered treasure.

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