Regrets…I’ve Had a Few

Regret Number One: Inviting Rabbits Into the Garden

Scar on the left, named for a bare patch on his back and Ear-Bite, on the right, named for the missing  part of his ear.

Bunny-Boo, the baby.

Scar relaxing outside the kitchen window after a long day of trimming the plants in the garden.


Yes, regrets. And they have names.  Every gardener should know rabbits are bad news and should not be made into friends.  But, who could say no to such cute little bunnies when they sit under the bird feeder every morning waiting for breakfast?

3 Comments on “Regrets…I’ve Had a Few”

  1. David says:

    Still…they are so very cute. Can you get close enough to hand feed them? David/:0)

    • realgffood says:

      The one that is called Scar will come as close as 12 inches when I put birdseed out and has come on the back porch. Their comfort zone is 6 to 10 feet away from me. But, as they are wild rabbits, I don’t want to get my hand too close to them.

  2. Ah, critters! So pesky, so adorable!

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