The Rabbits of the Bulb World

Rain Lilies

In bud and open

Three stages of the seed pod

Bulb with offset


Rain Lilies are a wonderful little bulb from the amaryllis family.  The very cool thing about them is that they bloom two or three days after it rains.  Snap off the spent flowers to encourage more blooms.  They do come in different colors and some bloom in the spring and some in the fall.  Rain Lilies are prefect for the Automatic Garden, as they are very hardy in the South and reproduce like rabbits!  During the winter, the evergreen Rain Lilies may look droopy and sad, but don’t be fooled, they are producing offsets and their seeds are germinating.

One Comment on “The Rabbits of the Bulb World”

  1. These are lovely! More delicately beautiful than daylilies!

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