The “Mother” of all Plants

Kalanchoe daigremontiana or Mother of Thousands in bloom.

Mother of Thousands plant.

Plantlets on the leaves.

Plantlet growing from the flower.

Mother of Thousands piercing the leaves of another plant.


This “Mother” of all plants is unstoppable.  On each leaf she grows a tiny plantlet that will drop to the ground and can grow in the smallest amount of soil.  After the flowers bloom, they develop more plantlets.  Any of her leaves that hit the ground can root.  If any other plant gets in the way, she can grow through it.  Wild animals will not eat her and bugs never infest her.  She has endless ways to automatically fill any garden space.

One Comment on “The “Mother” of all Plants”

  1. I have to forms or species of this Kalanchoe. During warm weather any that are swept up in the house are unceremoniously thrown into a garden bed. By Fall they seem to be everywhere and they bloom when the season nears the short days of Fall.

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